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Pest Control for Your Business in Houston, Texas

Commercial Pest Control in Houston, Tx

An infestation in your business can be very costly. You have worked hard for your reputation and having pest damage your equipment and inventory is horrific. Caraway Pest Control has solutions to get rid of the pest infestation once and for all. We specialize in quickly handling any pest control issues you currently have and schedule maintenance to prevent any future occurrences.

Caraway Pest Control cares about your business and listen to what your needs are when it comes to pest maintenance. Our highly trained staff will inspect your business for any signs of pest activity. 

Our inspection covers the interior and exterior of your business. We offer a free quote and when an issue is discovered, we are quick and reserved. We work around your schedule!


Pest Inspection Of Your Business

Areas of inspection

  • Hardscapes

  • Foundations

  • Window casings

  • Door frames

  • The soil around the exterior perimeter

  • Weep holes

  • Fences

  • Garages

  • Yards

  • Baseboards

  • Problem areas

  • Areas with conducive condition

Industry Experts

Office Spaces

Apartment Building



Protect your employees from pest 

in your office building. Pest can damage the physical space and moral in the work place.


Protect the families and employees that trust your place of business as their home. Tenants and employees want a safe place to live and work.


Your patrons expect to eat and work in a healthy environment. Protect the families that want to get away and enjoy a meal with your business.

Property Management

Property Managment.png

Keep your store inventory for the hassle of pest. Protect the patrons and your employees by eliminating pest in your store or gas stations

Warehouse's are a breeding grounding for pest. Protect your inventory and your employees from pest that love to hide in warehouses.

Your properties need to be protected against all kinds of pests. Let your employees and patrons feel secure in your properties by maintaining a healthy pest schedule.

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