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Pest Protection For Your Houston Home

Keeping your family safe and your house in good shape takes a lot of work. There is always something to think about, plan for, or do. If pests get into your Houston home, they create even more work. Most people don’t have the knowledge, equipment, or experience necessary to properly eliminate the infestation in a way that is both effective and safe for your family. That’s why if pests invade, your first call should be to Caraway Pest Control. We have lived in the Houston area for over 40 years, understand the local pest pressures in our community, and have the experience and knowledge needed to eliminate your pest problems entirely.

Residential Pest Control From Caraway Pest Control

At Caraway Pest Control, our customers come first. When you get in touch with us for residential pest control, we’ll take time to discuss the issues you’ve been seeing and to learn about your primary concerns before performing our inspection. We’ll look for any signs of pest activity during our examination, including conducive conditions that could lead to pest activity. We also look specifically for signs of rodent and termite activity, as these two pests are two of the most destructive and the most common in our area.

Once we know your specific pest problems, we will develop a pest control plan for your house. Outside we’ll knock down spider webs and wasp nests, treat hardscapes and around fence lines and the yard, dust weep holes, and treat around windows, doors, and the foundation perimeter. Inside, we’ll treat baseboards, problem areas, and conducive conditions. We use a variety of treatment methods and tailor our services to your needs and preferences.

Follow-up services are available on a recurring basis to keep your Houston home protected from pests. We’ll work with you to determine if you need regular follow-up treatments, and if so, how frequently we need to perform them.


A thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your house allows us to identify pest activity, where they’re spending their time, and any conducive conditions that will attract them.


Our treatments are tailored to your needs and include full exterior and interior services. We’ll make sure pests can no longer get inside and that the pests already inside are taken care of.


We perform follow-up services on an as-needed basis. Some customers prefer a one-time treatment, while others want ongoing services to ensure their home remains pest-free in the months to come.

Our Mosquito Control Service

Mosquitoes are a common pest problem in Houston, and they can make spending time outside almost impossible. If you have an abundance of mosquitoes in your yard, Caraway Pest Control provides mosquito control services in the Houston area to make your yard pleasant again. Visit our Mosquito Control page to learn more about these services.

Protecting Your Home & Family

A pest infestation can damage your home, sicken your family, and cause a lot of unnecessary stress. If you’ve seen signs of pests in or around your home, don’t delay! The sooner you take care of the problem, the less chance the pests have of moving in and causing havoc. Caraway Pest Control offers customized, expert services to make and keep your home pest-free. With free inspections and guaranteed results, you can trust us to do the job with excellence. Contact us today to request your service.

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