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How To Keep Squirrels Away From Your Houston Home

November 15, 2021 - Squirrels

Squirrels are an animal that many people would agree look adorable. They have big, bushy tails and dark eyes, and they scurry up and down trees looking for food to eat. However, while squirrels might look rather adorable, they are not so cute when they live around your Houston, Texas home.

Squirrels Aren't Just A Nuisance

It can be easy to just ignore squirrels as they are such an everyday kind of wildlife. They can fade into the background in some cases, but there are reasons to pay attention to them.

Squirrels are rodents that can cause similar issues for homeowners as mice and rats. You can identify them by their bushy tails, slender bodies, and silky fur. They are usually a gray color, but their exact fur appearance can vary depending on the species.

In this guide, you’ll learn why squirrels can cause so many issues around a property and get the best prevention measures to keep them away.

The Dangers That Squirrels Bring

Squirrels are primarily an issue when they get inside homes, but they can also be troublesome just living in your yard. First of all, because they are rodents, they will constantly chew to keep their teeth from growing too large for their mouths. This means they can destroy electrical wires, plumbing, drywall, and wood. It also makes prevention difficult as squirrels can chew their way inside by finding weak areas and opening them further.

But, the real issue you need to worry about is the health risks squirrels can bring. Here are some of the dangers at hand:

  • They can spread leptospirosis through their urine.
  • They can spread other diseases such as salmonella and tularemia.
  • They can bring around ticks and fleas, and these parasites can spread Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more.

Six Squirrel Prevention Tips For Your Houston Home

Squirrels are fast and agile and can easily find ways inside buildings, but there are still ways to prevent them. One of the best ways to deter squirrels is to take steps to make your property less attractive to them.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Seal up cracks in your home’s structure using products like foam, caulk, and steel wool.
  2. Clear away organic debris from the yard and remove excess clutter around outbuildings and garages.
  3. Remove bird feeders and store pet food inside of the house.
  4. Regularly trim trees and make sure to keep branches away from the exterior of the home.
  5. Clean up dropped or rotting fruits and vegetables. Also, place lids on trash cans so that squirrels can’t get into them.
  6. Make sure to clean kitchens often and wipe up any food and drink spills if you’re ever eating outside on porches or decks.

Get Help With Squirrel Problems

If you’ve noticed squirrels running around your yard, and especially if you’ve found them inside your house, give the experts at Caraway Pest Control a call. We provide professional pest services that include squirrel and wildlife control. Instead of putting yourself at risk of being bitten and trying to remove squirrels on your own, let our technicians handle the safe removal of squirrel invaders.

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